Google Wave: The bet

Google Wave :: Tips and Tricks

Things to do when you get a Google Wave account:

  • first search command every Wave newbie needs to know: with:public, which returns a huge moving sea of public waves anyone can read and update.
  • onlyto:me is:unread: search shows waves that are directed only to you (no one else) and are unread.
  • creator:me -is:note: waves I have created and added other people to. This view is very similar to an email sent box.

It works on the iPhone (and Android):

  1. Go to in mobile Safari on your iPhone.
  2. Ignore the cya warning.
  3. Add to your Home screen.

Google Wave: The bet

Status of the bet :: Week 1

On May 28, 2009 Google announced Google Wave to the world.

On Wednesday, September 30 Google sent out more than 100,000 invitations to preview Google Wave to:

  • Developers who have been active in the developer preview we started back in June
  • The first users who signed up and offered to give feedback on
  • Select business and university customers of Google Apps

Since every invite was able to invite 8 more people we can safely assume that Google allowed for 1 million users in the first week.

Present amount of users: 100.000+

Estimated time to go live: First half of 2010.


Spoiler: I don’t have a Google Wave account and thus can’t invite anybody.

Google Wave: The bet

Google Wave: The bet

It all started with a bet.

Will Google Wave in 5 years time reach a market penetration of 40%.

It’s my view that yes Google Wave is a future for the way we communicate digitally. But it will not be as ubiquitous as email is now. Yes it will be used by the digerati but for the general user I think it’s to demanding. Maybe I’m wrong and Google Wave will replace everyone’s email client.

Hopefully you can customize it in such a way that you can immerse yourself to exactly the level of interaction you will be happy with. Any which way. The bottle of champagne will still taste wonderful.