iPad & the cloud

Find it fascinating to see how Apple has it’s own approach in dealing with The Cloud. We all now the cloud is big, bright and the future. But it will take several years before the cloud can attain such a great experience as what the iPad offers right now, right here.

With the App Store you actually download the app on your device. And that’s been happening more then 3 billion times so far. The actual software is really on your device. Not some piece of software living in a cloud accessed by a browser. Sure Web 2.0 is great & AJAX can do amazing things. But in the bowser I don’t have the user experience an iPad is offering. Where things just fluently work and slide. Yes it does no multitasking and there’s no Finder. It’s just you and your content.

The cloud is great and has the future but it’s just work. It doesn’t put a smile on your face like the iPad does: you just don’t cuddle with the cloud.

Update: “But if I want to write a truly great app, it has to be a desktop app.”

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