iPad :: It’s now all up to the developers

Excited or not it’s now all in the hand of the developers. This is all about touch, touch, touch. The iPad will never be the primary computer for the professionals. My MacBook Pro, Apple Keyboard & Magic Mouse win any time when productivity is concerned.

But look at what Apple has actually done. They have given us a platform where touch is the only way you can interact with a device and put it on a relatively big screen. To that they added the Apple Eco-system where developers which has been so successful for the iPhone with millions sold and the amount of apps still rising. So far 3 billion apps have been downloaded.

I’m not a developer and I almost can’t wait to start playing in this new world: touch, big screen and fast. It’s a whole new paradigm which has just been presented to the world. To me it feels as if Appel has been partially surprised at their own success with the iPhone and are saying: You like touch? Well, we think this is how it could work. Play with it and see how far it can go.

And I think we should.

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