iPad :: the ultimate scifi device?

I have the feeling that I’m looking at a Star Trek episode. A thin tablet. A user interface where everything happens through touch. Just a screen. Super thin. It’s almost unreal. Is this still a computer?

Who will use this, when will we use this? I just have to jot down my thoughts. Is this something I would give my mother? Would I use it while sitting in a lazy chair? How long can you work with this before you want your old laptop back. Just something for enjoying while on the road? With 3G could it replace the iPhone with a wireless Bluetooth receiver in your ear? Your iPad in the bag and you receiving a call when in the train, cab on the bike or walking through the street?

I have the feeling it’s a game-changer. This is the computer we always wanted to have. Simple interface. It just works. It’s always on. You have access to all the content you want to be able to get. From videos to books, to music, to newspapers, to the web. It’s the ultimate content device. Mac for work, iPhone for connectivity and iPad for fun. And yes we need all three. Just like Steve showed them.

Ok so no calling yet. But Google Voice already has a great mobile app for that. So, no multitasking. Think that’s just a matter of time.

NB: Is this a mouse killer? during the whole presentation I didn’t see a mouse. And that from the company who popularized the mouse. That was logical for the iPhone but what about the iPad when we connect the keyboard and the dock. Will we move our fingers to the device when we want to move something on screen?

More iPad later…

P.S. Looking forward to find out which movie will be the first to use the iPad.
P.P.S. Chat of the day: “its hit . it will sell very well, I just put all my 401k in Apple Stock”
P.P.S. And best name so far: ‘Sofa Surfer’. (thanks to Farshad).

Apparently Avatar was the first movie they used the iPad 🙂

“I went back for a second helping of Avatar this Sunday. There’s a scene early on in the movie where one of the scientists walks across the lab carrying the “mobile computer slab of the future.” We’ve seen one of these in almost every sci-fi movie of the last 50 years. It comes free with a jetpack, I suppose. Except this time, one month later, my 12 year old son turns to me and whispers “Look Dad, it’s an iPad.”

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