Google Wave: The bet

Got an invite, but now what…

This morning I got my Google Wave invite and started to Wave. The initial experience is confusing. You can edit everything which is cool but also slightly confusing. Where am I and where is everyone else in the thread. Email, chat, wiki all at the same time. Definitely a new paradigm in communication and will take some time using too. Most likely a day.

But the bigger question was what to do with my invites. Sure I got some geek friends who are clamoring for it but apart from those… My parents? They are still on dial-up. My girlfriend? She reads e-mail every 3 days and doesn’t even have a Facebook page. My co-workers. Hmm. Most of them don’t either read their email or only the first two lines. Not quite sure if Google Wave is what they want. Would they actually use it or would I just waste a precious invite. That started me pondering the question. What real need does Google Wave solve? The harder it became to think of people who really would be happy with Google Wave the more I realized that Google Wave is a hard sell. Sure it’s cool and modern and sexy. But necessary?

Let me get back to you on this.

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