Microsoft country

Why is the Netherlands such a Microsoft country? Somebody tell me I’m wrong but compared to the US and Nordic countries it’s feels as if Microsoft is the only serious solution out there. Sometimes I even think that if the Netherlands would have set the tone for developments in IT:

  1. everybody would still be using WordPerfect 4.2
  2. there would never have been companies like Google, browsers like Firefox or operating  systems like Linux or social networks like Facebook.

If anybody has thoughts on why Microsoft is dominant in the IT mindset in this country do enlighten me. Maybe we Dutch prefer a ‘safe’ solution over adventure? Maybe it has to do with the size of the market. Whatever it is I know that Microsoft is not the solution to all IT issues.

What we miss is a market and a culture which awards taking risks. Which can show that there’s more then a Microsoft answer out there. And yes we need more certified engineers and companies who offer the support and expertise needed to make this happen.

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