iPhone 3G day + 2

Had a great plan. Trying on Sunday morning. Got up when I woke up. Hopped under the shower and went to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. It's open 24/7.

Status of success of plan is uncertain at this moment. There is a lone. Estimated waiting time is between 2-4 hours. Not as good as I was hoping for but better then on launch day. The only big problem is that while I'm waiting in line from the other side of the street a horrendous low sickening noise infiltrates my whole body. I'm surprised I'm still standing in line. I'm surprised anybody else is still in line.

This brings me to my observation that in public people in NY don't complain. Nobody is calling the cops about this noise. People just ignore it. They block it from their existence. It's just not there. They talk and interact as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Anyway. I moved a bit further and hope to be around the corner soon.

While in line there are Apple people walking up and down the line. Handing out leaflets with data and voice plans. Answering any questions people might have.

Going to give it a shot. Ignore the noise. At least I'm in line.


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