Me: Hello?

Recruiter: Hello my name is xxx and I'm a recruiter for Windows and Unix engineers. I have a couple of great engineers. You are the IT Manager right.

M. Yes, I am. But before you go any further we are a mac shop and we don't need Windows or Linux engineers.

R. I have this great mac specialist David. Are you hiring right now?

Me: no, we're not.

R. When are you hiring?

M. I don't know. We are in advertising.

R. So when will you have a budget. Heard that advertising is doing really well?

M. I actually meant that advertising is always up and down. You win some, you lose some. So I can not tell you when I'm hiring.

R. When would you hire David. He's really good

M. As I told you I don't know.

R. So can you give me a top 5 of your competitors?

M. Excuse me.

R. This guy is good and I need to find him a job. So if you can't use him maybe your competitors will.

M. I don't know any IT Managers at my competitors and I can't tell you if they use Macs or Windows.

R. I understand you want to blow me off. But come on man. This is business. Just gave me the top 5.

M. New York is big we might have 20 – 50 competitors. Maybe more.

R. Listen, if you give me the top 5 now I send you my email address and then maybe next time I can help you know. What's your problem. Just give me that list of competitors.

I should have hung up


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