Starbucks culture

Point in case is Starbucks (see previous posting) and that's only an example. An example of how in NY people do their. Getting it in the morning on their way to the office. Putting it in a carton cup and moving hurriedly along. I still haven't gotten the hang of that. Part of it has to do with not needing anything in the morning. Second is my drive of having to get in the office. To me the day hasn't started until I'm behind my computer. Then I can start thinking about beverages.

So there's this culture in the morning I'm not part of. But is that an opportunity I'm missing out on? I dunno know.

And then there's the part of how one should enjoy coffee. Having acquired the taste for coffee in my mid thirties and then only the good stuff in Italy, I still see it as a special occassion. Something you sit down for, from real cups, real beans and a real espresso machine. With friends. Where you talk. In a nice cafe.

Starbucks fits none of these criteria.


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