Ticker Tape Parade

Yesterday I realized that part of me wants to experience rare events. Done know why that is. Maybe its trying to get into reach with how things happenend many years ago in a time when I was not alive. Take for instance the New York Ticket Tape Parade. First held in 1876 to celebrate the Statue of Liberty. World War II, Mac Arthur, Kennedy. In my understanding its the ultimate celebration. It has the aura and smell of the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. Something, although rare, is understood by every New Yorker.

So when the Giants won the Superbowl and it was announced there would be a Ticker Tape Parade I just had to be there. The last one had been in 2000 when the Yankees had won the World Series (that's baseball). So of I went together with tens of thousands of real fans. Evidently I arrived to late at the 'Canyon of Heroes' as part of Broadeay is called in reference to the parade. The police had cordoned off access to it. You could only walk parallel to Broadway.

Everywhere you saw people trying to get through. So stupid me started asking the police why I couldn't pass? "Keep moving sir, you are blocking traffic." Which was ironic cause actually they were blocking traffic. "I'm not blocking traffic. I just want know why I can't go see the parade." By their reaction I sensed I'd overstayed my grace time so I kept moving down the streets until I finally found a place to move closer. What happened was as soon as the trophy (and the accompanying roar) passed on the lead float most people left which gave late-comers like me the ability to see the rest of the floats with the other players. It was still pushing and shoving but the noise and the paper was impressive and memorable. Now they don't use 'ticker tape' anymore but there was still enough shredded paper, toilet paper and laser printer paper available to fill the streets.


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