On spaghetti

So you know this is going to be a boring article on IT. Specifically the Internet connection for the New York office. You expect that in such a red hot city as New York this is organized perfectly. Well, it ain't. I don't think there's a bigger set of wired spaghetti then New York. The problem is many fold. You have tall buildings in NY. Most of them, like ours, built long before the Intermet started dictating communications. That requires cabling and lots of it. Risers are the cables between the basement and the floors higher up. So when in the mid nineties the Internet started taking off everybody needed 'pairs' of copper cabling. In a typical enterprise fashion everybody got in on the act. With as a result a phletoria of risers, pairs, patch panels and cross cables in the building. Now nobody can make any sense of the spaghetti. Most of it is undocumented.

The result.
Tuesday morning at 11.00 we lost our internet connection. Only after 28 hours we were back in the air. 28 hours of talking to support people who were telling us that the incident had been or was in the process of being escalated.

Lesson learned.
Contracts and websites can talk about 99.99% uptime and 24/7 support. But in NY reality is different. Get as many different cabling from as many different providers as you can. Maybe that will get you through the day.


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