So here I am having a quick dinner with a colleague when a set of tables is prepared for a group of about 20 people. Nothing special. Two good looking guys sit at the table followed 5 minutes later by 3 pretty girls, 2 more pretty girls, one more pretty girls. I start realizing something is wrong. It just doesn't stop with the pretty girls. No girl has that many pretty female friends. The next problem is there is nobody who's the centre of it all. They are not very busted or tall or american. So its not Hooters girls on their night out, or strippers. They know each other and they are dressed for the ocassion. You can feel they are professionals. But what do they do?

So I played the tourist card and asked the waiter. Apparently they are connected to a promotional company. Every evening they go out to a different bar, restaurant to spice up the place. They are getting paid to party!

Then it starts making sense. The girl with the bowler hand. The girl dressed as a hippy. They are all hand picked and scripted. They play a role. They are real and unreal at the same time. That's why we couldn't place them. The only reason they are there as a group is us, the audience. That's why it felt so strange. They are at work! They don't neither enjoy the fact they are at a restaurant with some friends nor are they bored out of their skull like the silent couple at the table next to us. My colleague called it the cocaine table.


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