Every night on the way to home from work I switch stations at 34th and 6th Ave and most of the times there is some music being played. Now I could talk about the times when this scruffy old man is playing on his organ with dolls who are moving while he is playing his three-fingered chords.

I want to talk about what I saw last times. There is this what I assume is a family, dad with five to six children a small casette player and a tamborine. They might be singing either religious or Xmas songs. Its hard to tell. What doesn't help is their lack of singing abilities. And what's definitely detrimental to their cause is the sadness that is emanated. You just can see nobody wants to be there. There's no sense of any enjoyment. God its sad. Luckily the rest of my fellow travelers agrees. Nobody stops. Nobody gives them money. Let's hope I don't see them tommorrow.


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