"This is a terrible place for getting a cab." Couldn't help overhearing that. And it was proclaimed on a very desultory tone. As if realization had just sat in that they were delivered in the hands of the unknown. They had gone into a realm outside of their control. Left to the benevolence of the lowest life form in town. The cab driver.

He (its always a he) looks so all present. Everywhere its yellow. But don't get ever in the position that you need him. Then he disappears. Hides behind his lights out status. Or just keeps passing you by. You wonder where his passengers got on. Cause if he's not stopping for you when does he stop for others? When you get one to stop it doesn't get better. They emit noise and somewhere there's a resemblance of some guttural English sounds so you repeat your address three times in the hope that its understood. And then you just give in,in the hope that he delivers you at a point in the future which coincides with your destination. All the while being held in captivity. And either the cab driver ignores you completely while he's on the phone with the rest of the world or his contempt of his passenger is felt right through the plexiglass. At the end you feel relieved that like in Monopoly you can pay your dues and get on with your life.


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