Worst store ever

I've never been into the youth culture. When I had the age it didn't allow me in. Wasn't considered cool enough by my fellow youth to even consider acting and dressing like them. But that was ok. No way I was gonna dress up like Bjorn or Benny from ABBA.

But what I saw today beat all my memories. It started with a shirtless male body model just standing there. Not quite if he was to inspire the clientele or show the end goal of the brand: "if you buy our clothes you are so cool that you don't even have to wear them!" then we entered a pitch black area with a few spotlights as in a club, you almost had to guess the color of the apparel.. But the music, the music was so loud you had to scream to talk. Unfortunately I was the only one who found this way of trying to sell absurd. It was packed


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