Again its 6 pm on a Friday. Again I'm in a line. Again for apple. The good thing is that this time I already have an iPhone. So this time I can blog about it while I'm in line. This time I arrive after 6 pm instead of 11.00 in the morning. And the line moves quit quickly. Its almost boring. Amd this time its for Leopard, apples new operating system.

Oops. I'm in. Took me only 5 mins. With experience comes wisdom. Knowing when to arrive and still get what you want. This a piece of cake. Got what I wanted in 10 min. The only reason I stayed longer is that I ran into a person who stood on line with me for the iPhone in June. She's with a broker who trades apple shares so she's there for her profession. When she arrived at 5 there were about 300 people outside waiting in the rain. I keep getting amazed at the peoples appetite for technology. Sometimes you wished you were the only geek.


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