Blogging competition

I have a blogger in my apartment. That's an unreal thing. Although there are several million people in the world who have a blog only several million people in the world have a blog. So suddenly there's in house competition. While she's writing her blog I'm typing mine. With millions bloggers writing of course there's always multiple people writing a blog. But still it's different when that person is sitting next to you. You are starting to compare typing speed. You are thinking is her posting more interesting then mine. Do we feature in each other's posting? And you also start to wonder about what all these other bloggers are thinking about in their postings. What are there 'meta' thoughts. Is it just a diary or do they want to convince people to see the world they do. Is it their way of doing something good? Are they convinced that the quality of their writing is good enough to be interesting to readers or is that completely unimportant. 

Me? I don't know. Yes it's a way of reaching the people back home and I hope that they like what I do and yes I feel that what I write is true. Even though it's subjective. And in a way it's unimportant cause even if it's true it's all about showing people back home how I digest reality.

My fellow blogger has finished. We're back to a normal situation. I can breath again.


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Who is the blogger in your apartment? Why don't you call 911? Do you need help? So, I got the job. I'm working now. It's going really great. Hey do you want to come to my wedding in Colombia. It's April 19th on a Saturday. Are you busy?-Matt 🙂

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