The weekend is all about live sports on tv. Sport 'shows' start with a big flashing and revolving logo with lots of quickly changing shots of play action. Followed by the camera panning out to show four man in suits, former sports heroes with a second career as presenter, sitting behind a table. There's one chairman who like an akela allows each of the other three to read of the prompter their pre-written scripts in a semi-joyous fake spontaneity.

But what struck me is their smiling. There must have been a time when these guys could just be themselves. Where with confidence they could show their love of their sport and talk about it with gusto. And the best of these guys became popular because they had a natural smile which as we know does magic. But then came the day that wasn't good enough. Maybe there were not enough presenters which had a natural smile. Maybe that natural smile was deemed so important that it became a necessity. But by making it a standard requirement it changed the whole ballgame. No longer is smiling an emotion as a result of something pleasant but a threat: "You better be happy cause we are happy."

There's is this News show which first shows their correspondents with a 'serious' expression on their faces and then a shot from another angle where the serious look breaks into a 'smile' on their faces. "Hey, I'm a professional but don't worry we'll have fun."


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