Game three

We are still alive! Last night the Yankees won (8-4). They finally started hitting the ball. About bloody time. In the beginning it didn't look good. The Cleveland Indians came scored one run in the first inning and kept adding one run in two innings. The only thing the Yankees were able to do is run into double plays in their first three innings. The mood was really bad. But a homerun with 2 man on base by Damon broke the spell. And suddenly they started hitting again. They way every team in the league hates them for.

Tonight is game 4 which they have to win to equalize the series 2-2. If they manage that it's all up for grabs in Game 5. But as their manager says Joe Torre. We have to play it one game at a time and not think about winning three in a row.

NB. The Boston Red Sox swept the Los Angeles Angels in their series (3-0). So if the Yankees win they will face their arch enemy in their quest to become the winner of the American League 2007 Champion.

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