I'm now an official Yankee fan! Yesterday I got my first ever baseball cap. My room mate got me one because the Yankees ( had won the race for the wild card. We would have liked them to win the AL East title but unfortunately the Boston Red Sox were too good.

Baseball is the biggest sport in America. The teams play 162 games in 6 months. They play almost every day. I watched a lot of these games and its very addictive. The level of professionalism and concentration is enormous.

So how do I feed that addiction. That's simple. You sit yourself on the couch as soon as you get home. Games last between 3-4 hours. So it's just a matter of making yourself comfortable and the game will take care of the rest. For me the longer a game last the better. Maybe its the chase fot the moment, that second the game might change. And its absolutely the amount of games: 162.

We are now the month of October: the play offs. The Yankees are playing the Cleveland Indians. This is it. "There's only one Postseason. There's only one Fall Classic. There's only one October."

Check out these videos (the Red Sox one) to get a sense what October is all about:


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