It has been brought to my attention that the last couple of weeks I haven't written many new postings on my blog. He who doesn't write doesn't excist?

Back in the good old days – remember pen and paper – I told people I was not the writing type. Had problems putting my thoughts on paper. Liked the face to face time better. The fact is that I'm lazy. Writing takes time. A lot more then one thinks. You also have to ask yourself if what you write is interesting and if you have written enough. If people will write back. If you have answered all the questions in their letters.if you have asked enough questions. All that time could be spend on reading a book.

But then I made a major mistake. I decided to start a blog. Stupid, naive me. Sure it's easy. I can talk about myself all the time. Don't have to worry about balance or length of my text. Everybody and nobody is my audience. And I can write when in the subway on the way home so I feel productive. But a blog creates its own rules. One you have to keep writing. Two it always needs to be a new thought. Like a performance. You are only as good as your latest posting.

These rules fight each other. I don't always have a new thought. Embarrassing but true. Even the Empire State building does always inspire a new thought. So pressure mounts. What to do? Suddenly the blog starts becoming an enemy. Something you have to do. A chore. I can only quote Hugh Grant, "Bugger, bugger. Bugger.


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