Another big first in my life. I bought an umbrella. Initially I resisted the purchase. Typical. What's wrong with wearing coat? Easy. Takes two seconds. Right? Looked at all the people on the street with disdain. I don't know why but I've always looked at umbrellas as being sub par. Real guys didn't use umbrellas. Fighting the rain was something heroic. Umbrellas were unruly. And don't even think about using one on a bike.

But yesterday I had to swallow my pride. Suddenly it all started making sense. Here in NY you have the funny thing that when it rains it still is very warm. Humid. It's so humid/warm that if you don your coat against the rain you start sweating like a pig. This is where the umbrella comes in handy. You still walk around in your t-shirt keeping cool and the umbrella stops you from getting wet. The disdain disappeared. Respect returned. Maybe it looks weird but it's highly practical.


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