Film script

Just had an idea for a film script. Most likely very corny and very short. The gust of it is the following. Imagine real people acting out the functions of an operating system. It's all about the quest for 3D and user-friendly. You could take any setting and then play with. For me I see a hospital. I don't know why but there you have it. Nurses would be running of and getting you files. Doctors would open them up and change stuff. Surgeons would repair broken files. You could talk a natural language to them. Each of them would have character. Grumpy, happy, depressed.

But that's the surroundings. What's the story? That's my dilemma. Why am I telling this. Yes, I have a fascination how to get the most out of a computer. But that's still not a story. Have to think about this for a bit. Maybe one day I'll get an idea for a story.


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