Excited 2

It was wonderfull. Made some pictures so you have some background. Cold Spring on the Hudson. The landscape is a bit Lago Magiore. The hills are a lower but same glowingness together with trees. My kinda landscape and very idillyc. At the harbor front we had a lovely brunch at the Inn ( Small and cozy and very relaxed. Then we walked up Main Street. Lots of antique where luckily I was able to buy a present for my mother's birthday. And apart from Main Street there's not much more. We wandered off Main and arrived in a really quiet place. Was so good after all the noise of NY to almost actually feel silence. Even if we only sat there 15 minutes. I took a picture of some trees. I think as a memory. Next time I look at that picture it will hopefully give me that silence feeling.

We kept wandering into completely deserted sections of Cold Spring. Even to the point where we felt where we would be arrested for disturbing the Sunday's rest. At the end of the day we came back to the waterfront. Looking forward to laying on the grass while listening to the soothing water. Those ideas were shattered when we found out that the locals had organized a small 'rock' concert. It was horrible and loud. Here our ideas of an idyllic little town crashed with the idea that little towns want to be part of the bigger world and organize events to inspire liveliness. Was wasted on us. In the end it was a very rewarding trip. Tiring but good.


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