Good day today

About the AC. Sorry for keeping everybody entertained about it but I have to sit in it every day for 8 hours or more. The thing is that I'm the only one that's complaining. Ok, me and another European. She comes in her snow boots. But apart from her everybody says it's nice it's freezing. Everybody wears shirts, the girls usually have their sholders bare. Usually I look around in amazement. Wondering if my body is made up of different materials then Americans. Well today there was a victory. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw the guy next to me blowing on his fingers. You know, the thing you do when you are outside and stop your fingers from freezing. I couldn't believe it. It was cold but not that cold. So I asked him and indeed he had to admit that it was really cold inside. FInally. I'm not different then americans. Like me they can feel cold. It was my first victory even though it it was only one person. 

I'm still wandering though. Do they regulate their body temperture differently? Do they approach temperature differently then we do? Has living in Amsterdam for so long corrupted the way my body can handle other temperatures and weather conditions? This asks for more research. Maybe I should bring in a small weather station into the office to get acurate meteorological data of humidity, windchill etc. I just need to get to the buttom of this.

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