Bike permit

I got one. I finally got one. A Bike Permit. Mr.126927089. Now i am officially allowed to take a bike on a train. I resisted getting one for a long time. I, ergo me,  have to get a Bike Permit? I grew up with a bike! Been riding around on one on a daily basis for more then 35 years and now I need a permit. It's almost the same as having to get a permit for using the toilet. It feels humiliating to stand in front of an official and having to pay $5.00 for it. Hello! Do you really think that one day I would wake up and have the following thought pattern: "I bet it's fun to buy a bike today. You know what I'll take it to the train station and go travel with it. Who knows it might have the added benefit of being able to bump into people." And it is not that when you get the permit they ask you if you are qualified to handle a bike on a train. Nothing like it. "Sir, before you get this permit can I ask you a couple of questions about your bike handling capabilities?" Then again where could you learn how to handle a bike on a train? Haven't seen any "Introduction into the history of bikehanding traits in the Train sector." They don't even ask me for my Bike License (I'm sure some civil servant proposed that idea), or ID for that matter. Nope it's a completely absurd phenomana with no explanation other then to tantalize me. It's part of the 'goverment-knows-better-then-you-(loser!)-movement!'. Hate it. 

And then I saw the light.It always help if you started reading the fine print. So you have to pay them $5.00 so they are not repsonsible for any thing that might happen to your bike or people who might hit your bike. So it's not about me. It's about a train company who is scared to get sued. If I only had known that before.

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