Cycling in the evening

Yes another story about cycling. I still believe it can offer insides into the American culture. Normally I cycle a couple of rounds in central park on the weekend. One 'round' is about 10km and in general it goes a bit up and down with one major hill.

I've noticed several things:
– like I'm Amsterdam nobody stops for the red light when in the park, neither pedestrians, runners or cyclists
– unlike amsterdam there's one direction you ride in but that's easily explainable. Everybody in the park is there for recreation. Nobody uses the park (or the bicycle for that matter) as a means of transportation. So you follow the crowd and go against the clock. In that sense it's like a skating ring. That allows the behavior that everybody cycles all over the place. Left, right or in the middle of the road, The interesting thing is that it doesn't lead to shouting or yelling. I did that the first day and people looked at me funny. You just swerve your way through the traffic.
– it being only 10k means there is a lot of potential competition out there. Cyclists you see in the distance and just need to catch-up to. Hoping that you can get into their wheel before the one climb starts. And then to easily destroy them or to find out that with your heart pushing through your lungs there is no way you can keep up. It's always a surprise. And the next time I tell myself just to take it easy. But that's always in vain.
– everybody is a soloist and does their thing.

But in the evening it's completely different. There are groups. Who go fast without any visible effort. It's almost scary how smooth they move. Everybody is concentrated. There's no wind. Both humidity and temperature are high. So it's all about sweat, silence and speed. And every minute it get's darker. So after completely being destroyed on the climb I called it a nite. The only problem was that my body wasn't ready to go inside. It was still overheated. So I looked for a nice bench to sit on. Just when I had one in my sight a big dirty rat appeared underneath it. Told my body it better cool down inside.

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