The cold

The cold. The cold might be with me for a couple more weeks and I da not live without it. Where it's cold there's light, an Internet connection and electricity for my laptop. I need that so I endure the cold. I put on a sweater and look forward to being allowed to go outside for lunch. Get warmed up on the heat. Those first 20 seconds in the heat are the best. You feel your body warm up to normal temperatures. As if you return from a long walk through the snow and sit down in front of the fireplace. Lean over and just feel the fire from the crackling wood blocks warm you up.

Next to me it's shorts. Behind me just t-shirts. Nobody complains. "This is perfect. This is how I have it at home." It's 13-14 degrees celcius inside the office, that's excluding the wind chill. Luckily my german colleague has brought her winter shoes.


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