Harry and David

Now I didn't know about Harry and David. Apparently they have been around for some time. And they are the best in what they do. Great colors. Perfect photography. Excellent compositions. It's all about getting the best. And nothing but the best. The envy of other regions. Huge, scandalously sweet and luscious beyond description. Premium quality. And what are we talking about. We are talking about fruit. The best fruit from an Oregon fruit yard. True, I'm Dutch but come on having to pay $32.95 for 2 kg of peaches! That's incredible. And these are the ordinary ones. To get the cream of the crop, the 'Impressively HUGE examples' you have to pay $42.95 for 2 kg. And don't forget these are 'Fresh Fruit Gifts'. It's not for your own enjoyment. 

And this is my favorite qoute from the website:
"Please note that we cannot guarantee arival on a specfic date for this product. This item is picked at it's peak and shipped as soon as it is harvested." Are you telling me that after paying $32.95, yes $32.95 for 2 kg of peaches you can not get it to me the next day? I have to wait for it? 

So don't hesitate go meet Harry and David. Come on. You want to. 

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