This is the moment when I should write a raving review of the iPhone. How beautiful, wonderful, a revolutionary device, changing a whole industry, setting new standards for user interfaces. But. But. I can't. I can't get it to be Activated. The little process that turns a piece of plastic, metal and glass into a functioning unit. I can turn it on. I can turn it off. And let's not forget I can dial 911 (in case of emergencies). I am tempted but I'm told by people on the internet that's not the thing to do. So I'm waiting. Waiting since 19.32 Friday night. Some people say it might take 48 hours. Oh yeah, I'm not the only one. We are talking about many thousands of iPhone which are not working. If you want to know what it does to people you got the read the following thread:

It's long but it gives a good insight into people's hopes and frustrations. Maybe tomorrow I have good news.

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