I did it. I got one. But let me start by saying what happened today. Like I described yesterday I didn't feel like standing in line at all. So this morning I decided to just take it in stride. A wait and see policy. First decided to check out what was happening at the AT&T store on Time Square at 9.00 AM. There were three people there which gave me some assurance. Next stop was the AT&T store at 23rd street. Farshad, my IT Manager had said he would go there. It's only a block away from the office. And lo and behold there he was standing in line at the nr. 2 spot. He had arrived at 7 AM in the morning. There were about 6 people in line.

After some deliberation I went back to the office. And then it changed. Suddenly I couldn't think straight anymore. I had only the iPhone in my mind. Couldn't concentrate on my work. There was only one thing important. The iPhone!!!! So after having checked out all the online stories I just had to go back and stand in line. I was going to do it. So at 11.00 I showed up with some bagels, donuts and water. And before I knew it I had joined the line. I was nr. 14! I was going to get an iPhone. It was a weird moment doing that. But it felt so reel. Next steps were easy, getting chairs at Duade Reade, meeting my fellow people in que, getting some beers, finding out that the the guy three behind me was standing in line for his boss and if he would stand in line the whole day he would have the next week off, a girl sitting next to me and telling her whole depressed life (she had been crying for two days) on the phone to a friend, discussing all the technical pros and cons of the iPhone, a marketing research company who interviewed the guy next to me. It was a blast, a party. Friends for life.

Getting the iPod was almost an afterthought 🙂

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