Tomorrow is the big day. Tonight I went to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. Outside there were about 50-60 people standing in cue. Standing is a big word. Most of them sat in their chair. Some were typing on their (Apple) laptop. Others were talking to other people in line. In general it was a friendly crowd. The first 10-15 got a lot of attention from (let's call them cue-tourists). People who wanted to know why people would stay in line for 2-4 days to get a mobile phone. I also don't understand it. I even don't know why I'm there. Do I really want the iPhone bad enough that I will stand in line? I don't know anymore. I do want the phone. It's great to read about all the hype and the excitement and I do have the feeling that we have entered new territory with respect to mobile devices. I cherish the technological achievement. I just don't understand the link from technology, to hype to certain behavior. You can hire people for $250 to stand in line for you. Right now I'm watching a live feed about the line in front of the Apple Store in San Francisco. There are three TV vans in front of the Apple Store in New York. The first 10 in line in NY got a t-shirt from a sponsor with numbers 1 to 10. The nr. 3. in line in NY has his own blog: "" and is doing it for a charity. Apparently the first 10 in line are all very interesting people. The number 1 in line is better know as iLoser and started on Monday at 5.00 AM.

I think I like to read the news but I don't want to be part of it. It's amazing but I do not get hungry.

Here's an article in The India Times. A newspaper I read regularly which summarizes some of the mania and what people in line are doing:

I can only end with the following qoute:
"I'm in front of the Apple Store in San Francisco," an AppleInsider contributor submits. "There is a comedy circus group that's set up a mini golf course, a musician playing a keyboard, a business man in a suit with a MacBook Pro, and various others queueing down the street."

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