The reviews are in:
– WSJ: Testing Out the iPhone
– NYT:  The iPhone Matches Most of Its Hype
and they are all positive. Two more days…The good thing I'm really looking forward to have fun with it. The question I know have to answer is if I really, really need to buy it this Friday or to just order it this Friday online and wait until the middle of next week. Present plan is to check out the line several times on Friday around 18.00. Come back about 23.00 and if that doesn't work get up early on Saturday say 6.00 AM and go to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue which is open 24/7. In short I have no clue what the best method is to get the bloody thing. Let's just hope there are enough. Anyway I have my credit card account in such a way that I buy it. Computer is setup the way it should. I'm ready.

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