The iPhone

In January 2007 Apple announced the iPhone ( When they launched that I knew I was gonna get it. Little did I realize the hype that would ensue. Next Friday (June 29th) is the big day. And for the first time I might be standing in line to get myself a gadget. I'm not quite sure why I'm doing this. In the end it's just a mobile phone. I would never have done this back in Amsterdam. But here in NY it's different. It almost feels normal.
Now I and my fellow "unruly, apple-loving, crazed citizens" only have to deal with "Crowd Control Devices" (

This week will be all about finalizing my 'standing-in-line-strategy'. It will boil down to finding answers to the following two questions: Which store and at what time. Now one thing I will not do is get a sleeping bag and get there the night before. That's beyond me. The  issue is that nobody knows how big the lines will be. There's talk there are a million iPhones available for the first day. And some predict that at the end of the day these all will be gone.

The coming week like last week we (me and the other 999.999 buyers) will analyze any snippet of info online we can get our hands on to decide what to do. During the coming week I'll try to keep you all informed about the growing of the hype. 

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It looks cool but I don't think I'll get one. I'm getting ready to go to college and practically everyone in school has a cell phone so my Dad said he'll probably get me one…which means he'll probably get me a cheap one despite the fact that he has a pretty nice one himself, one that he never uses. *rolleyes*

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