Summer is approaching

The most difficult part of Summer in New York is what to dress. It will get hot. That's not an issue but we have to take into account all the different AC moments. Yes, I'm talking Air Conditioning. An example. Outside it's 21°. T-shirt weather. In the Subway it's 28° and humid. Feels like a sauna but you can't undress. When you actually set foot in the subway car it drops to a cold 13°. The AC is usually on full blast so there is even a bit of wind chill. Sweater at least. Back on the street you wander what to do with the sweater. But finally when you are in the office the AC brings it to 18°. Not enough for a t-shirt but too much for a sweater. Luckily I have the next couple of weeks to determine what the people around me wear. I know the solution is out there. The question is which one fits me.

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