It’s weird

I'm back in my home town. Was in Amsterdam for a couple of weeks (for work) and now I'm finally back in the town where I live. It's a whole different experience then April 1. Then I was at the start of my – second – adventure in the US. Everything was new again, special, nervousness. Now I'm returning home. To the apartment where I live. Back in the subway, Central Park, my supermarket. My Dreyers Vanilla ice-cream. Which I might say is much nicer then Breyers . This time it's my city. It's a breeze. Am curious to what the Yanks have done. Hoping they are doing better then .500. 

It was interesting to be in Amsterdam. In a hotel – my first time since I started living there 20 years ago. But I felt twisted. Needed to be there for my work but it was different. Part of me didn't belong there. An even bigger part of me missed NY. Didn't think that I would feel like a foreigner in AMsterdam so soon. Sure, sitting in the sun having a koffie verkeerd during lunch is nice. I'm guessing I missed the energy in New York. That's why I want to be there. That's why I moved. That's what I was missing in Amsterdam. That's why I'm happy I'm back. 

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