Last saturday I met two cyclist in Manhattan and today (Saturday) we went for a ride. They suggested we go to Breukelen (Brooklyn for those of you who still believe New York is an English city) and I was happy to oblige. Having started at my place at 103rd we first went into Central Park all the way down to Columbus Circle on 59th and Central Park West. Then we dropped down to the Hudson. For a couple of years they now have a bikepath along the rive which takes you all the way down. We followed that for a couple of miles and eventually we hit City Hall and prepared ourselves to take the Breukelen brug (Brooklyn Bridge). Seen the documentary of the building of it. Movies of people walking, kissing and pracning on it. The more I'm here the more I realize I'm in memory lane. I've seen so many of all these places that actually being in one of those places brings back memories and newness at the same time. It's a real weird feeling being able to experience them. By bike. Coming from my appartment and just out there for a day riding. As if it's the most natural thing in the world. The view was stunning and not capturable with a camera. But it's in my mind.

But enough of that. We need to move on. Bikers don't stop they bike on. A stunning view is for tourists. Next was Prospekt park (a small Central Park. Then on to Coney Island (another famous name) using Ocean Drive. Straight road that went for miles and miles. The boardwalk on Coney Island. Not Under, on. Then up to Floyd Bennet Field  ( an old military airfield used during WWII which is now being used for fancy cars driving a max of 55 mph (there is radar enforced speed control). On one corner we found a Concorde (my first) and in the other corner we stumbled upon a part of the airfield which was being used for radio controlled planes. Now these were not normal radio controlled planes. These have jet engines powered by jetfuel and can reach speeds of 500-600 km/hour (,2033,DIY_14223_2273913,00.html). One even was 1.5 meters long and had two jet engines. Costs $35.000.

After that little adventure we raced back to town. Trying to be our own jets.

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