And then there’s music

You all know me and my iPod. Where I go I iPod. Nowadays it contains 3040 'songs'. But what I'm finding out in New Yorkis how your surroundings change your preception of your the music. Now I'm not talking about conducting on the bike. One can still conduct while walking along 23rd street. I'm talking about something else. 

Yesterday I came out of the Subway while listening to Haydn's Shöpfung. It describes the first the sun rises in the morning. That beautiful music together with the real New York sun in between the skyscrapers  while you walk out of the dark noisy underworld really feels like the first day on earth.

Also noteworthy is the following. Just before I left I bought and got some dutch music from my 'school years'. Music to which I haven't listened for a long, long, long time. In shuffle mode I get hit by any of the 3040 songs. So when I get hit by 'Man van Steen' van Frank Boeijen I don't only get thrown back to my 'dutch' roots I also get thrown back to 20 years ago. I'm sure that's the closest I'll ever get to time travel. Never thought it would happen with a big smile on my face.

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