Living in New York

So what's living in New York all about? Example. Leaving the office a bit early. Say you need to do some shopping. Having the office located on 60 Madison Avenue get's you right into MidTown so you start walking north along Fifth Avenue. Suddenly you see a row of people an wandering why they are standing in lane. Then the realization. They are waiting in line  for the Empire State building. Tourists.

So you keep on walking and looking at  shops. So you cross over to Broadway (yes the Brede Weg) and on passing Victoria Secret's ( you decide to enter Macy's. Might as well. Ofcourse they don't have the Apple Pie Dish you are looking for but it's still Macy's ("the world's largest department store"). So you buy some other stuff. You are a consumer after all. And then you go home. You turn on the TV and you watch the NY Yankees lose (4-6 against Tampay Bay). They are now on a 5-game losing streak. Life's not looking good.

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