Real life

Two weeks ago we got ourselves a Wii ( the office. Great fun. First of all I love the Will Experience Video Gallery. The idea is simple. You put two to four people in a room with a Wii and you videotape how they figure out how the bloody thing works. My favorite is where father and son start by having no idea, to playing an almost real life game of baseball.

Which brings me to my second part. Last Sunday someone from my office wanted to play real bowling. He had been playing it quite often on the Wii the last weeks and he thought he might try bowling in the real life at Chelsea Piers ( Unfortunately his body disagreed about the level of experience he had acquired. Now his back hurt so bad he couldn't get out of bed this morning (three games and a 10 pound ball). Let's this be a lesson for those who think that a Wii resembles real life!

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