Some people were asking how I'm doing in Nieuw Amsterdam ( Well let me tell you a 'typical night'. After buying a Torchiere Floor Lamp at Home Depot ( I'm ready to go back to my new home (9 West 103rd Street). That's Upper West Side ( I'm taking the C (  Uptown. It's been a long day at the office and find myself sitting next to an older woman dressed in a brown fur. Opposite her two guys talking. She asks one of them: "Where you from!" with a bit of an Austrian accent. The guy, slightly hesitant ,responds: "New York". "What part!". "Queens". End of conversation. Two stops later the guys get out. One stop later a chinese looking girl takes place where the guy was sitting. Again the question. This time the answer is "South of France". The inescapable conclusion from the older woman: "So you work at United Nations!" End of conversation.

Next stop. The girl gets a notebook and starts looking around. Which is quite unusual for someone in the Subway. A woman next to her starts up a conversation. They discuss the shoes of my neighbour on my other side and finally their conversation starts turning towards me. The pros and cons of me as a subject are discussed. Finally the girl starts drawing. They continue their conversation while the girl is drawing but eventually the other woman gets off. The girls starts mentioning to me about having interesting conversations on the subway. She suggest that she might have to pull the emergency brake to finish the drawing to which I ponder the question "Is it worth it?". I tell her two more stops. She informs me that work of her is being shown in a galery on 109th and Columbus Ave. I guess I'm doing something this weekend.

At home I put the lamp together. It's beautiful.

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